Competitive Teams

Team Philosophy

Our goal is to provide the mental and physical discipline needed for competition within a framework of positive reinforcement and encouragement. Learning to be comfortable in a competitive situation is a positive experience and adds to a gymnast's development.

Team Hahn

Our Program

Every year, Hahn's Gymnastics fields some of the most competitive gymnastics teams in the region for both young men and women. Our invitation only teams work hard and forge friendships that help them grow physically and mentally. We are proud of our teams, and we are proud of the girls and boys who participate in them.

Team Competitions are a great way for our athletes to have fun together while showing what they have learned. Gymnastics takes commitment, hard work and determination and the competitions give our gymnasts the opportunity to SHINE!

It is also a great opportunity for parents to get close to their child and share in their children's sport.

Call our office or see a coach to set up a tryout for your son or daughter!